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Infused with Cooling Gel

Cooling gel transfers heat away from your for better temperature regulation and a less interupted sleep.

Memory Foam

Supportive and reactive to your unique contours for personalised comfort and a better sleep.

Healthguard™ Protection

Anti-microbial and anti-dust mite treatment helps protect against mosquitos, bacteria, dust mites, bedbugs & mould.



720 x 420 x 145mm, 1.7kg


1 Year Limited Warranty on pillow core.


Please refer to our written warranty for all warranty terms and conditions.


Memory foam pillows are durable and long lasting. Should you pillow need a little extra care, the polyester cover can be removed and can be warm machine washed on a gentle cycle or dry cleaned. Do not tumble dry, iron, bleach, soak or wring the cover. Line dry without delay.


To clean the pillow core, we recommend gently sponging soiled areas with a clean microfibre towel and warm water. Squeeze out any excess water before air drying flat in the shade, away from direct heat sources. Ensure your pillow has dried thoroughly before reusing or storing.


Do not bleach, soak, wring, dry clean, tumble dry or iron your Comfort Plus Pillow.  


Removable Cover: Polyester jacquard


Pillow Core: Gel infused polyurethane foam

The perfect pillow should shape and adapt to your natural contours whether you're sleeping on your side, back or front.”




“I’ve tried many pillows and know that the right one improves my sleep quality and neck pain. The Comfort Plus Pillow is the pillow for me – it is large in size, well built and super comfortable. It supports my neck and shoulders perfectly whether I’m on my side or back. I love it!”

Louise Fogaty

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Frequently asked questions

How will my Comfort Plus Pillow arrive?

Your Comfort Plus Pillow will arrive in a small cardboard box.

Will Comfort Plus Pillow fit my pillowcase?

Comfort Plus Pillow should fit standard and king size pillow cases. We recommend checking Comfort Plus Pillow's measurements (720 x 420 x 145mm) against your pillowcases prior to ordering.


Comfort Plus Pillow fits perfectly into Design.Online's range of Tailored Tencel sheets.

Tell me more about Healthguard™

HealthGuard™ is a new generation anti-microbial and anti-dust mite treatment that has been developed in Australia. It is scientifically proven to eliminate dust mites, mould, mosquitoes and a broad spectrum of bacteria including MRSA A129 strain of Staphylococcus aureus (Golden Staph). HealthGuard™ also destroys and inhibits the growth of bacteria. 



Key benefits:
- HealthGuard™ helps protects against mosquitos, bacteria, dust mites, bedbugs & moulds
- HealthGuard™ is odourless
- HealthGuard™ is safe to use and is not an irritant
- HealthGuard™ is biodegradable
- HealthGuard™ has high wash fastness and UV stability

Will Comfort Plus Pillow be suitable for my sleep position?

Understanding that most people move around during their sleep, so we wanted a pillow that could satisfy all sleep preferences by adjusting to the contours of their head, neck and shoulders. Comfort Plus Pillow does just this and is perfect for side, back and stomach sleepers (or for propping your feet up after a long day).

How long will it take for me to adjust to Comfort Plus Pillow?

It will take time for you to adjust to your new pillow while the the cells within the memory foam open up. We recommend sleeping on your pillow for at least 30 nights before making a decision about whether it is right for you. If you are finding your pillow stiff, we suggest sitting on top of the pillow as weight and body warmth will help open up the cells.

What is the return policy for Comfort Plus Pillow?

We want you to love your Comfort Plus Pillow and know that it takes time to get used to a new pillow. We encourage you to try the pillow for 30 days and if forever reason it is not perfect for you, you can return it within 120 Nights for a full refund. Simply contact to organise your return.

How do I recycle the packaging?

Design.Online packaging has been designed with sustainability in mind. Cartons are made from recycled cardboard and use water based inks. Cartons can be disposed of in your kerbside recycling bin.


The inner packaging should be disposed of in a REDcycle bin.

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