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Smart Sofa Sterling Cover

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SKU-477-Seat module cover
variant - Chair cover:
seat cover
variant - 3 seater cover:
arms cover, seat cover, seat cover 2, seat cover 3
variant - Sofa arms (pair) cover:
arms cover

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We have redefined risk with our extensive warranties.


SmartSofa covers are covered by a 6 Year Limited Warranty.  


Please refer to our written warranty for all warranty terms and conditions.


Caring for your SmartSofa is easy. Wipe up spills immediately and vacuum the cover when you're hoovering to keep the fabric looking fresh.


Covers are:
Machine washable at 40 ̊C.
Cool tumble dry.
Cool iron front side only.
Do not bleach.
Line dry.
Professional dry clean.
Spot cleanable.


Covers: 100% machine-washable polyester. Stain and water resistant to stop stains sticking.


Threads: 100% polyester, exceptionally strong and UV resistant.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use SmartSofa Covers on any sofa?

SmartSofa Covers have been designed to perfectly fit the SmartSofa.  

Can I change the covers of SmartSofa?

SmartSofa is covered in elegant, stain resistant and machine washable fabric with covers that are velcroed, not stapled.


This means that fabric covers are easily removable – even from around the chair's base, so they can be easily washed or updated with our range of replacement covers.


So, as the seasons come and go, Smart Sofa’s removable covers allow you to refresh your look as often as you like. Wash your existing covers or select from our range of replacement styles for a sofa that feels and looks like new.

Can I wash my SmartSofa covers?

SmartSofa's fabric has been specifically chosen because it not only looks great and is hardwearing, but is also machine-washable.


Spills and soiling no longer mean you need a new bed, you can now simply remove your SmartSofa covers for washing. This will extend the life of your SmartSofa.


Covers are:
Machine washable at 40 ̊C.
Cool tumble dry.
Cool iron front side only.
Do not bleach.
Line dry.
Professional dry clean.
Spot cleanable.

What is your return policy for the SmartSofa Cover?

Should you have a change in mind after receiving your product, we offer full refund if the product is returned within 14 days of delivery and is unopened and in its original condition.  

How do I recycle the packaging?

Design.Online packaging has been designed with sustainability in mind. Cartons are made from recycled cardboard and use water based inks. Cartons can be disposed of in your kerbside recycling bin.


Inner packaging has been designed to be reusable.

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