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Year Round Feather & Down Quilt




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Soft, light and fluffy 

Goose down quilts are ideal for a luxurious sleep - it's warm without being heavy and is a natural insulator.

Temperature regulation

Down absorbs the moisture we release and disperses it into the atmosphere, ensuring you are cosy and comfortable, but not clammy.

Year Round Comfort

Down is perfect for all seasons, it will keep you warm in winter and its breathability means you will be cool in summer.



Single - 1400 X 2100mm
Double - 1800 X 2100mm
Queen - 2100 x 2100mm
King - 2400 x 2100mm


One year limited warranty.


Please refer to our written warranty for all warranty terms and conditions.


Dry clean only.


Do not wash, wring or spin.


To maintain freshness and hygiene, fluff and air frequently.


Fill: 95% Goose down, 5% Feather


Cover: 100% Cotton japara

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Frequently asked questions

How will my Year Round Feather & Down Quilt arrive?

Your Year Round Feather & Down Quilt will arrive in a small cardboard box.

What is the Responsible Down Standard?

The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is an independent, voluntary global standard that aims to ensure animals have not been subjected to unneccesary harm. The standard recognises the best practices in animal welfare and ensures the down and feathers used in our products are sourced responsibly. The RDS was developed with input from animal welfare groups, industry experts, brands, and retailers.

Key points in teh standard include:
- Removal of down and feathers from live birds is prohibited
- Force feeding is prohibited
- Holistic respect for animal welfare of the birds from hatching to slaughter
- Proper identification of RDS feather and down
- Audit of each stage in supply chain by a professional, third part certifier
- Only products with 100% certified down carry the RDS logo.

Design.Online only offers down products that are RDS certified.

Is goose down better than duck down?

Goose down and feather quilts are durable and known for being breathable. Goose down clusters are larger and more resilient than duck down, and do not have the same odour issues.

Why isn't the Year Round Quilt 100% down?

All down products are filled with a mixture of feathers and down. The precise blend is usually described as a percentage, which refers to the minimum amount of down cluster content in the product with the remaining percentage consisting of small feathers.

What is the fill weight of the Year Round Quilt?

The warmth of a feather and down quilt is influenced by its fill weight. The higher the weight, generally the warmer your sleep will be.  

The Year Round Quilt has a weight of 400gms.

What is the return policy for the Year Round Feather & Down Quilt?

Should you have a change in mind after receiving your product, we offer full refund if the product is returned within 14 days of delivery and is unopened and in its original condition.  

How do I recycle the packaging?

Design.Online packaging has been designed with sustainability in mind. Cartons are made from recycled cardboard and use water based inks. Cartons can be disposed of in your kerbside recycling bin.

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